Icon Specification

No matter what I try, my PNG just won’t have a transparent background. Is there a specification for the PNG’s anywhere? I’ve had a search but cannot find anything. I thought I’d post here as I’ve tried every combination of PNG for the last few hours now with no luck… (Yes - My PNG does have a transparent background, just not in mAirList!)

Bump - Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

What color format does it use? Should be RGB+Alpha. Fixed palette does not work in my experience.

Have tried RGB 8 Bit, 16 Bit and 32 Bit all with Alpha. Also tried indexed.

Have attatched a test image which has the same results and a snapshot of the settings used. I’m running out of settings I can test for a PNG! :frowning:


Please try new snapshot 4384.

Works perfectly!

Thank you very much.

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