Icecast and Mairlist

Made a smooth transition to 7.0 and everything works really fine :slight_smile:

I am still in the testing phase, and still very much a newbie, and have made a successful connection to an Icecast-server (radiojar). Everything works from from my end to the server and on, but I do not get any statistics from their server. And yes, I use the correct credentials. Is that a generic problem with Icecast or is that a supplier related problem (read: radiojar). If the latter, could any of you point me in a direction to a supplier where I can make a webcast/internet radio with statistics returning to mairlist?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you had this experience in version 6 too or did it work with radiojar / Icecast before?

I had the same experience with version 6 on radiojar/Icecast :frowning: