How to setup the integrated streaming encoder?

Hi all,

Being a complete noob at streaming I would like a little help setting up the integrated streaming encoder in mAirlist: I would like to be able to listen on other home devices to my own “radiostation”.

I have followed the instructions on the Wiki page to setup the encoder, I have pointed all players to the encoder, put lame.exe in the rigth directory and added the Encoder Status Screen Object to the main window. It now states 1/1 and 0 listeners and the VU-bar is showing activity.

Now I’m stuck: What IP address needs to be inserted? I’ve tried the same IP-address as the PC mAirlist is running on but I couldn’t point my audioplayer to this address. I have picked another (unused) IP-address and still can’t find the signal on another audioplayer. Obviously I’m missing out on something but I can’t pinpoint the problem.

Any suggestions would be grately appreciated!


I suppose you mean desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc when you write “my other home devices”?.

I am afraid this is not gonna work over the Local Area Network, the way you are trying now. You will need an external stream provider which serves you a ShoutCast server (or Icecast, or Edcast). You need to enter the IP adres of this ShoutCast server. The integrated encoder in mAirList will sent your local broadcast to this Shoutcast server. Your home devices must be connected to the internet. Using a media player on your home devices, you will be able to tune in to your “radio station” and listen.

Try Google for “Free ShoutCast streaming”.

Thanks Adriaan! Much obliged.

Sorry, Adriaan, this is not true.

Lukeman is talking about the “Integrated streaming server”, and that is actually some sort of Shoutcast built into mAirList - not meant to connect external listeners, but fine for streaming inside a LAN.

For the listening devices, the IP is the IP address of the computer running mAirList, and the port is the port you specified in the configuration. Don’t forget to open that port in the Windows firewall if you use that!

Other notes:

  • Integrated streaming server does neither support listener statistics nor metadata, so the listener count will always be 0, and you will not see the name of the current song on the client players.
  • For MP3 format, don’t forget to download lame.exe and copy it into the mAirList program folder.

Thanks Torben for your reply, I’m going to give it another try again tomorrow!

Torben wrote: Lukeman is talking about the "Integrated streaming server", and that is actually some sort of Shoutcast built into mAirList - not meant to connect external listeners, but fine for streaming inside a LAN.

I am sorry. I was not aware of the existence of an “Integrated streaming server” and referring to the Encoder.

It’s actually part of the “Encoder”. You add it as an additional connection.

OK, I think I have completed all steps outlined on the Wiki page, inserted lame.exe etc.
Now I’m stuck on how to open the stream on another device. When I open the IP address in Firefox on my laptop for instance, I get this message:

This is: application/octet-stream van:
Open with …
Save file

How to proceed? I have the feeling I’m pretty close :smiley: :smiley:

Solved! Even better; the way I have set things up now, allows me even to listen in my car to my own LAN “radiostation”.

I’m using Synology’s DS Audio to achieve this. In Synology’s DSM I have created a User Defined Internet Radio Station, pointing to the IP address and port 8000 as specified before. Once this is done, the radio now shows in de DS Audio App on my phone and tablet. As my NAS can be reached from outside my LAN, so can my predefined radio station. And this way I am able to listen to my own “radio” in my car or where ever.

Interesting set up. Which NAS are you using? Is you audio stored on the NAS as well? Or local database?

[b]Lukeman wrote[/b]: I'm using Synology's DS Audio to achieve this.
So, Synology it is.

Audio is stored on the (Synology ;)) NAS as well

As a matter of fact, I’m using Icecast now to achieve the same. Gives me more possibilities and users can be restricted by usernames and passwords. Icecast runs on the same desktop as mAirlist and as there are never more than two or three streams, this is without problems.
mAirlist works very nice with Icecast by the way; great integration mr. Torben!

That sounds very good! I’ve been at it for hours now trying this with the Icecast server…no luck so far. I want to add the mAirlist Encoder Output signal on the FritzBox under Home Network as Internet Radio. But this does not work with the integrated streaming server. Could someone explain to me if this is technically possible at all? The problem is that I can’t transfer the audio to my Denon AV receiver in any other way without connecting an extra device.
@Torben do you have an answer for me (gerne auch auf Deutsch :wink: )

Hi Lulux,

I’m using Icecast nowadays to listen to my music in my car, at work and on other devices at home.
In my livingroom I’ve connected my audio-output straight into my amplifier, as I’ve done ever since I started with mAirlist in 2013. This way there’s no delay.

I’ve tried to connect my stream to my FritzBox Extender too but without any luck. I’ve given up on that idea.

We use this function of the bass_enc.dll library: Un4seen Developments - BASS Documentation

It tries to mock a Shoutcast server as good as possible, but maybe it is not 100% identical.

I don’t know much about the FritzBox Mediaserver, but it may not be compatible with it.

Ok…I’ve been at it for several hours now and actually managed it :+1: just set up an Icecast server on the playout computer and then put the stream URL in the Fritzbox under Home Network → Media Server → Internet Radio. The Denon receiver then plays the signal via the media server. Small detour, but works! Thanks for the quick answer!
Thank you @Lukeman and @Torben !

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Thanks for the update and well done!

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Just for the record: How many seconds of delay do you observe between playout and hearing?

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About 10 seconds i think…but it’s all fine👍

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