How to make remote working with A&H XB14 and mAirlist?

Does anyone know how to make remote working with A&H XB14 and mAirlist?

The mixer has Start/cue logic through two 15 Way D socket connectors, called REMOTE A and REMOTE B, as shown in the user manual on page 26-28 -

What I’m most interested in, is to make the players in mAirlist start, when the fader is raised, and maybe also the possibillity to start carts with the ON/+START/CUE buttons. I would also like the red light to go on, when microphone faders goes up.

I’m using the internal soundcard via usb in XB14, so the volume from my computer, wheter it’s player 1 or 2 or a cart, is regulated with only one of the faders. I might have to use an external soundcard with analog audiowires to the mixer, if I should get full use of the automation here?

What equipment do I need to connect A&H XB14 and mAirlist to get fully working remote, and where to buy it? I’m located in Norway, but I could buy what I need online, if I only know what I need.

No one has clue? I’ve found out that the A&H XB14 mixer has what’s called “open collector remote”, but I don’t know how to connect it to my computer and mAirlist!

You need some sort of custom USB interface, built from e.g. an IOWarrior or gamepad chip. If you don’t know how to build this (electronic skills needed!), I know someone who builds and sells them.

The USB audio part of the mixer only has one stereo channel in each direction, that’s right. So you will need a regular multichannel soundcard if you want to use multiple faders.

Hi! Thanks for the answer Torben! Are you by the way norwegian or danish? I’m norwegian. I have been busy with others thing the last month, and haven’t had the time to focus on this unfortunately. But now it’s closing up for or students to start practicing live radio broadcasting.

Does one really need to get into building and soldering and have electronic skills, to make remote working with A&H XB14 and mAirlist? I thought there maybe was easier solutions, maybe like some kind of prebuilt unit that could handle and connect the XB14 and mAirlist.

In the changelog for mAirlist - it says that version 4.3.4 now have “support for Velleman K8055/K8055N remote control”. I don’t know the product, but came up some pictures, when I ran it through Google’s image search, looks like some kind of printcard with connections.

Could this be something one could use, and is it easy to connect? Or is there other easy solutions that could be used?

No, I’m German, but some of my ancestors were from Denmark, or the Danish/German border region, and part of my family lives in Denmark today.

The K8055 does not come as a finished device, but as a kit with all the tiny parts that still need soldering. Probably not an option for you.

If you want something without soldering, I’d take a look at the BU0836X:

Ok, thanks Torben!

From what I understand, the BU0836X has USB to connect to the computer, and terminals where you can connect the wires from the mixer. The Allen & Heath XB-14 mixer has 2 15 way D plug remote interface connectors, one male (B) and one female (A). Remote A is ment for Fader Up Logic (open collector output) and External mute, while remote B is Start and Stop/Cue Pulse (open collector output).

I guess I then must use standard 15 way D plugs, connect the connector to the mixer, remove the plug on the other side and then connect the wires to the BU0836X? Is this right?

What kind of Remote controls should I then choose under Controlpanel in mAirlist? I see there are several choices. I’ve played around some with the Hotkeys remote controllers, and got them working.

Maybe I should write an email to and ask him to give me some instructions on how to use the BU0836X with our Allen & Heath XB-14 mixer?

The BU0836 is a game device, and the input terminals are the “buttons” on that device, so you use the Joystick/Gamepad remote control in mAirList.

And yes, I would simply get some 15-pin SUB-D cable, cut the one end, figure out the correct order/colors of the pins, and connect them to the BU836.

Hi Perrunar… I was reading your post about A&H XB14 Mixer… I have been was searching the net amd came across this unit CIM 16/8 ( Compact Interface Module ) PCI card faderstarts Now I’m not 100% sure it will work but maybe somebody has used it…

Hope it helps ,

Connecting the XB14 outputs to the BU0836 as such won’t work as the XB14 has open collector outputs.
Wiring has to be done via optocoupler or relay without exceeding the 100mA of the open collector output.

Please get help from a professional or at least somebody who knows on which side to grab the soldering iron. Otherwise you’ll ruin your desk…

best regards:

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Thank you for your understanding.

Today I bought a seccond hand xb 14 with a signal Light. Hé showed a video explaning the mixer and it looks the same as the stonebox. If You raised the mic fader a red Light blinks. The telco chanel orange. And normal a green Light. Hé diddent use playout start but that can be done with a velleman kit hé told me. Next monday I’m going to pick up the mixer. So next weak I know if a velleman does the job.

Congratulations, Henk. :+1:
To be honest, I’m a little bit jealous. :sunglasses:

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Maybe @Tondose is now interested again in helping you configuring the remote control with a velleman.

I never ceased to be interested in helping @henk, it is just that my commitment assisting some other person was fading a little.

Clarifying regards


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I do not ask for help, but I tried to help Norbert with his search for a stonebox replacement. Think with the velleman the functions are the same as in the video.

This is what we told him before. Unfortunately he does not speak out on his demands, so the action must come to a stop.

If you are making matters work by yourself, fine! Please inform us about the progress you make and feel free to ask for help if you should come stuck at some point.

Appreciating Regards


It is a used mixer with a lamp. Red orange and green and just like in the stonebox video mic fader red light telco orange. As soon as I get it home, try to get mairlist through the velleman on the stereo channels and then everything is the same as the stonebox. Let you know in 2 weeks.

I can confirm the velleman works with the xb 14

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Thank you @henk. Have fun broadcasting.

Weekendish regards


Today I made on a second velleman a mic on button just like the stonbox video.
So mic on red light on and a button in mairlist for the four mic’s.
The first velleman does player 1/2 and cart player 1/2/3.
The second velleman only does the button in mairlist for the 4 mic’s on the xb14 .
On the second velleman i still have 4 free slots.
so evrything in the stonebox video can be done by a veleman card.

The user Norbert who was looking for a solution like shown in the video has now a D&R Webstation with the mAirList extension and tries to configure it at the moment.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.