How to Activate D&R Airlite channel 7 when playing a cart?

Hi all,

I have a dedicated channel on my Airlite for playing carts. This is channel 7.

I start the carts by pressing one of the control buttons 1 through 16. This poses a problem when I forget to activate channel 7.

Could anyone tell me how to activate channel 7 when a control button is pressed? This seems to be possible with a script.

Thank you for your time,


Hi. I got this working. This is my Solution:

First of all in config i set the start mode of the cartwall to off. In Cartwall Options i turned on the Option to switch automatic to on when a Cart Player starts in off mode.
Then i added the following Background Script:

// Cartwall OnAirMode Switch opens and closes Airlite Fader
procedure OnCartwallOnAirModeChange(OldMode, NewMode: TCartwallOnAirMode);
	if NewMode = oamOnAir then begin
		AirliteRemote(0).RemoteOn(actModule7, alaActivate);
	else begin
		AirliteRemote(0).RemoteOn(actModule7, alaDeactivate);
// Cartwall OnAirMode Switch On to Off if PFL not Active
procedure OnCartwallPlayerStateChange(PlayerIndex: integer; OldState: TPlayerState; NewState: TPlayerState; Item: IAudioCartwallItem; PlaylistItem: IPlaylistItem; OnAirMode: TCartwallOnAirMode);
	if OnAirMode = oamOnAir then begin
		if NewState = psStopped then begin
			ExecuteCommand('CARTWALL MODE OFF AIR');

If i Press Cue on the Airlite, the Cartwall switched to PFL Mode so i can start all Cart Players and the Channel will not Switch to ON. I used this because i dont want to Switch the Channel accidently to ON if the Fader is not Down.

I hope i helped :slight_smile:

Hi FloPunkt,

You certainly helped! Thank you very much for the detailed answer and for sharing your script.

It’s working exactly as I wanted now!

Have a great weekend!