How do the Artist and Title Keywords fields work when syncing with MusicMaster?

It’s been a while since I came here. In the meanwhile we are very happy mAirList users for several years :slight_smile:

Now recently we decided to switch (from PowerGold) to MusicMaster for music scheduling because of it’s good integration. I’m working on the connection now and everything seems to work fine, except for these fields in the list (on the mAirList side of course) of which I really don’t know how they work:

  • Artist Keywords
  • Title Keywords
  • Category

The keywords fields seem to contain exactly the same as the normal artist and title fields… While MusicMaster expects multiple artists to be separated bij a ; so this doesn’t work. Also I’d expect related artists (from the Mini Planner config > Artist groups) to also appear there but it doesn’t… So what’s the purpose of this extra fields on the mAirList side then? Since there’s also no way to set these values manually in mAirList…

I also see a “Category” field but I really don’t know what this is for? It’s seems to be empty as far as I can see but why is it there in the list then?

Thanks for clarifying this :slight_smile:

“Artist Keywords” are MusicMaster’s equivalent of Artist Groups in mAirList’s Mini Scheduler; however, in MusicMaster, you have to enter them for every single song of that artist, while in mAirList, it’s a global setting, and they are expanded automatically.

When syncing via Nexus and adding new songs, mAirList will put the artist into both the Artist and Artist Keywords fields; but it will not apply the Mini Scheduler artist groups. That’s mainly because resolution of artist groups are a built-in feature of the scheduler and are not available on library level. Maybe I can change that in the future.

Title Keywords are similar.

The Category field is not used at all when syncing with Nexus. It is only being used in Direct Nexus Connection mode, to make categories available in the Database browser.

When syncing, on the other hand, all new songs are added to the Uncategorized “category” in MM.

Thank you for this clarification. I think I setup everything correct now and found a way to make good use of the keywords fields. But now stumble upon 3 other problems of which the first 2 are quite serious show stoppers:

  1. I asked mAirList to use the mAirList ID also as the song ID in MusicMaster, but when I export my database (or a part of it) to MusicMaster it just chooses the ID, and when I export again it just adds the songs a second time with a different ID.

  2. When I export larger amounts of songs (let’s say more then 100 or so) it throws an error at the end saying “Request error: Server replied: “One or more invalid songs have been specified!””. When I export the entire database it stops halfway and gives this error.

  3. When syncing mAirList attribute checkbox fields I would expect to use the Yes/No type in MusicMaster, but that doesn’t work, not one box is checked.

Any idea?