How can I select an audio input in an Event?

How can I configure an Action that selects one of two audio input feeds? I have two satelite audio feeds that come into a multichannel audio card. I’d like to schedule an Event that selects one or the other of the two audio inputs, but can’t figure out how to do it.

I stumbled across the solution after a few days of trial and error. Was a combination of Windows sound settings and audio device configuration settings. Used the Live Feed function to unmute the input, saved into a playlist, and then ran the playlist as an Event. Pretty clumsy solution, but necessary since there seems to be no other way to easily select an input feed like selecting a file to run.

Which action do you use in the event? Is it the “unmute mixer” action? This uses an old DirectSound API from the good old days of Windows XP. I’m not sure if it still works as expected in newer Windows versions that are based on WASAPI.

Generally, for rebroadcasting live content coming in from a sound card, we recommend using the “Live Feed” playlist items that you can add to the playlist (and also DB library).

In the properties of these items, select a live feed input number 1…16. The actual assignment input number -> soundcard is done on the Audio Devices page in the config app. This two-step configuration approach was chosen so that you can create and manage the live feed items from another mAirListDB client computer where the particular soundcards are not immediately available for selection.