"hot" modification of the duration of a stream

I’ve had a little problem over the past few weeks. I think the bug has always been there, but I never really paid attention to it.
From time to time, I connect to an external stream to broadcast live and remotely.
This stream is a library item that has been added to the scheduler at a fixed time. I therefore define a duration.

Last night, it turns out that the show was going to last longer than originally planned. I refreshed the duration of the stream from the player. The display of the remaining time has been updated. On the other hand, the stream element stopped at the time initially planned. The “hot” modification of the duration of the stream has not been taken into account.

Best regards,
Matthieu Lechevallier

This is not really a bug, it has never been supported to change the duration while the item is playing.

But I just checked, and I think I can make it possible with only a small modification to the code. Will do so for the next build.

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Thanks Torbin.
Indeed, I thought it was a bug, because when you change the duration of the stream, the display is updated in the player.
Well in case you have the opportunity to put this feature in place, it’s cool.
After all, this mostly happens when I’m wrong about the initial duration of the stream and I want to correct it when it’s already started.
It’s up to me to be more vigilant too!