Hook Container TOTH

I would like to run the Hook Container Top Of The Hour, before News is started. The Hook container should play 3 Hooks from songs in the upcoming hour.

1 - Placed the Hook Container attribute in the Hour Template, Top Of The Hour. The container loads but no Hooks are fired

2 - Tried by using a Event to load a Hook Container script just before the start of the new Hour Template. No succes.

Maybe do it in another way. I made such a thing in Adobe Audition and make a mixdown from it as a wave file. Then put it as a track on the mairlist playlist. It’s a little bit more work but it will sound 100% the way you want it!

adkart, this is the mAirList forum ??? Solutions for mAirList, please!

I would like to use mAirList features as much as possible. Making a Hook Container in Adobe Audition is always possible (I do not even need mAirList for that). In your suggestion, to have a Hook Container in mAirList automation every hour, I need to make a Hook Container every hour and place this manually in the playlist? This does not make sense.

Moreover, the Hook Container does exactly what it has to do and it works perfectly. Only, not at the desired time (before News and TOTH)

In earlier versions of mAirList, with the Hook Container script fired by an event, this has worked fine. Not sure what have changed recently.

Have you discovered the new Automatic Hook Container feature in v6.1? Does exactly what you want.

Can be scheduled using “External items” in the hour template editor, also new in v6.1.

Hello Torben,

I try to create the Automatic Hook Container. I suppose I must fill the content with the 3 desired jingles: opener, middle and closer.

When I select this files via Load (.mp3 or .wav), I get an error message: “Unknown file extension”?


Actually the Automatic Hook Container will fill the content automatically with the next 3 (or whatever you set on the “Hook Container” tab) items. No need to specify any items on the “Content” tab, it’s just for review once the container is scheduled in a playlist.

Opener/Closer/etc. are set in the config app.

Torben wrote: Opener/Closer/etc. are set in the config app.

Ah, OK. That differs from the normal Hook Container. I will try tomorrow.

My goal is to play the Automatic Hook Container as first item of an hour, before the News block.

When I place the Automatic Hook Container really Top Of The Hour, before Time Announcement -, News - and TOTH jingle file, will the Automatic Hook Container pick the Hooks of the next 3 upcoming songs (and skip the Time Announcement and News files, where no Hooks are set)?

It will only consider items with type set to “Music”.

You can also use the new Automatic Hook Container Marker do explicitly mark the position from which items should be collected.

Tested and it works like a charm!

Thanks, Torben.


Hello Torben,

It did exactly what you describe here, but there are no hooks loaded in my automatically hook container . I have read that mairlist only checks the files in the playlist with type “music” to set the hooks . I have music type files in the playlist but no hooks… what is going wrong?

hook container.png

Don’t put the Automatic Hook Container inside another container. Make it a top-level item. Also make sure that the music items are top-level, not inside a container.

I have not used the Automatic Hook Container for a long time now. When I tried yesterday to place the Automatic Hook Container in the Hour Template, the opener and closer where played, but not the Hooks in between.

Opener/Closer/etc. are set in the config app, files are type “Music” and all Hooks are set manually (when entering the file in the mAirList database). mAirList version 6.1.13.

Hi Adriaan,
Did you also entered the number of songs? Hope this will help you.

This is default, isn’t it?

I just checked it for you. Yes it is. I use it every hour with no problem.

Hi All,

Now i’m working hte whole night on the automatic Hook Container.
When I put in the config APP the opener / Middle / closer I notice that the jingles I use are not qued.
Is there a possibility the the hook start on a point that I want it to.

This is the music you like
And this one
And this one
this is the radio station

The bold letters is where the music or jingle has to start

I hope that you understand what I want.
Now the jingle is finished and then the next hook starts, it doesn’t run nice



Did you set „start next“ markers to your jingles?

but in the config app I have to select a mp3 / wav or other supported file3… and not a mairlist item?

Hi Aldwin, you’re right.

But mAirlist should get the cue settings from any file that’s

a) imported to the database
or b) has an according mmd-file


So if you’ve imported the Element(s)/Jingle(s) in your database and set all the needed cue- and startnext-markers, mAirlist should load the settings everytime it loads the element(s) into the container.

Could you please give it a try and report back? :slight_smile:

Hello Stefan,

All the markers in my jingles are good. I have double-checked them. As you can see in my screenshot
the white lines are the markers that the HOOK container creates. The red lines are the wanted markers. Below that you see the start next marker that is original in the jingle.