hook container not playing

I have created an event each hour at 2 minutes past the hour using the hook container script. The event was running like a charm until two days ago, playing around 4 minutes past the hour and selecting three random hooks. However, two days ago i noticed that the container is generated at the specific time, but for some reason it is not placed in the proper time slot but on the top of the playlist and is not being played. If i want it played, I have to manually move it down into the desired time slot. I have not changed any settings in the hour templates of the playlist nor in the event command. What could be causing this issue?

What version are you using Petar? I’m using the same script and I’m running version 5.2.4. build 2977 without the problem as you described.

I solved the problem by just restarting the program… now it works like a charm again. However, I hope it doesn’t behave like this in the future.