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Ik heb de Home Studio versie aangeschaft ook heb ik de Lecentiecode per mail gekregen om te activeren.
Dit lukt niet bij het activeren geeft hij aan dat ik geen Lecentie heb.
Kan iemand mij helpen ???
Alvast Dank
Max Fredriksz

Dit is een vouchercode die u in het klantengedeelte moet verzilveren.

Hiermee ontstaat de licentie waarmee u mAirList kunt activeren.

Lukt ook niet zegt nog steeds dat er geen lecentie in de account is.
geeft het volgende aan.

Home User Agreement

Some of our products are exclusively available for personal use. These are typically licenses that have the same feature set as the regular licenses, but are offered with a high discount, given that they are only used for recreational purposes.

To enforce this policy, we require that every person who wishes to register such licenses, reads and agrees to the following Home User Agreement:

Home User Agreement
  1. I will only purchase and use the software for myself, as a personal, individual user; not for a business, association, school or any other kind of organization.
  2. I will not let other people or organizations, not being personal, individual users themselves, use my software license.
  3. I will not use the software for any commercial or professional purpose. In particular, I will not earn any money or rewards by using the software.
  4. mairlist GmbH has the right to request a written copy of this confirmation from me, and suspend my licenses until the confirmation has been received.
  5. If I fail to comply with these rules, mairlist GmbH can charge me the cost of an equivalent software license suitable for professional use.


Sorry, you cannot sign the Home User Agreement at this time. This is typically the case when your account was registered on behalf a business or organization. Please contact support if you think this is a mistake.

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Ah! Dat is de reden.

support@mairlist.com is het e-mailadres. Stuur me een e-mail met betrekking tot dit forumbericht en ik zal er morgen voor zorgen.