History playlist

In de playlist I have the first line history.
Is there somewhere a setting that I can divine that only music will be displayed?
And not the jingles fillers our anything else as music.

No. Because that line is not intended as a history log.

It always shows the last item(s) that were moved to the trash so a user could get them back fast in the playlist in case of unwanted deletions, without using a tab in the browser window…

So every item that was trashed will be displayed there for reasons.

But you can extend the displayed amount of the last trashed items if needed and list more items…

Don’t want to use as a log.
The only purpose (for me) is what did I play before this.
And now it’s often a jingle in that line.
I know you can extend to 5 line’s.
But now I know don’t have to search anymore.

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I used the term because in a log you can define what kind of element types you want to log… :wink: