Help needed

Right i have this joystick and it has a throttle leaver thing on the side. What i was wondering is if i could get a script that would let that throttle leaver control the volume of mairlist in the windows mixer.

I have a windows vista home premium computer before anybody askes.

Thanks in advanced for reading this.

Doubtful… I have an old MS Sidewinder USB stick and when adding it to mAirList, I only see 9 buttons - no mention of the throttle or 4-way trim control :frowning:

It is possible - you will just have to have a program which takes the values from the joystick and passes it to mAirlist.

There are no separate sliders for each program in the Windows mixer. It’s one shared “Wave” slider for all programs.

This means that the task of interpreting the throttle value and adjusting the mixer accordingly can and should be done outside mAirList.