Handy Script for Marking Temp Cue Items

This script saves your Cue Data to MMD Meta Files and also gives the item a temporary EndType to signify that it’s been processed. I came up with this script so that I could get my whole song library (3700 out of 9000 tagged by ear so far!) ready for auto without needing to faff about with individual cue points.

[code]// Save Cue Points to MMD Meta Data Files
// and set EndType to “t” for temp

var i: integer;

for i := 0 to CurrentPlaylist.GetCount - 1 do
for i := 0 to CurrentPlaylist.GetCount - 1 do

Simply drop your audio items into a playlist - I use -12dB for FadeOut trigger, then run this script. If you’re adding files that have already been set by yourself - Delete them from the playlist as mAirList will attempt to over-rite it with the auto value.