GUI option


Like the new countdown to item feature.

Another feature which would be extremely useful would be to have a duration countdown clock in the GUI options so i can have a countdown clock elsewhere on the screen.

How easy would this be to add? Could you please?

Many thanks, keep up all your good work.


So you mean a countdown for the item currently playing? This would be fairly easy. Almost the same as already done for the ramp countdown.

I also had proposed similar features before.

exactly that torben. where the duration countdown currently is in the playlist, just have another that is in the gui bit so i can have it where i want it.

is it possible so that in auto it shows only one time. what i mean is that if an item is playing, when next is pressed, the time automatically jumps to the duration of that track, rather than having two times xx.xx / xx.xx.

Hope this makes sense. if it is possible, could you add this in assist mode also so that the duration showing is that of the most recently started.

Many thanks.

Any chances for these countdown-features to be implemented until the release of mAirList 3.0?

Sure. There’s always the chance that I implement something :wink:

Sorry to keep pestering you with this request torben

Any idea when you will be able to implement this countdown?

Many thanks