GUI: How To Show Current Playing Item always as First Row in Playlist Browser

Hi all, any here can tell me how to setup GUI to keep current Playing element at the first row? Actually as default marilist 6 show always the last two played item then the current playing as show in the image above…i wish instead to have the currecnt playing always showed as first element in playlist windows.
Also there is a Keyboard Shortcut to immediatly focus playlist browser to current playing item in case you move up & down the list with mouse?


You can adjust the number of played/history items in the config, in fact, set it to 0 (mAirListConfig -> Playlists -> Playlist 1 -> General tab).

mAirList 5 had an option to hide/show those history items, which was very confusing, and was removed in v6.

Hi Torben, thanks for reply.
A question, i found that playlist browser, if moved up & down come back automatically to the current element playing only if mAirlist run in Auto Mode when there is a scheduled playlist/clock, and only when a new element is started. Can be this adjusted? I wish to have a button or a Keyboard shortcut to allow me to return back “on the fly” to the current playing element without scroll up& down with mousebar to find it manually.
Hope i explained what i mean.

Hi Richie have you tried yet? :wink:

Hi Lukeman, oh noo! was so simply!?? ::slight_smile: im looked over forum about some mairlist default shortcuts keys but i didnt found any, maybe i didnt search well…however Thank u for the trick! Home key Work pretty good!!

Sorry Torben for my stupid question… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Home key scrolls all the way to the top. Which does not necessarily mean that it scrolls to the current item (in case you keep a long history of played items above it).

There is no shortcut to achieve the latter currently. But if the Home key works as a workaround for you, fair enough.

Hi Torben, thx for more detailed info, yes actualy do the job cause i dont keep any history of previus played item. But if in a future you would implement a way to scroll playlist to the current playing item also with a history of previus played item, will be nice too.

Thank U!