GUI Freeze

I believe this to be b1229.

Last night doing a live show, all was well when after about 15 minutes, I started a track. That started to play. Then I decided to Link to the next track. I clicked on the link area, and as soon as I did that, I got the Windows 7 spinning wheel, the GUI went light and the title bar finally said “Not Responding”. The audio kept on playing and the streaming (internal encoder via Lame) kept going too. After about 30 secs I got the “mAirlist frozen warning, do I wish to quit/continue”, then I got the Crash reporter box. As I was live I clicked “Continue” in case some loop would eventually time out.

After a minute, song still playing, streaming still going but GUI completely Windows 7 gray and Not responding, I had to finally use Task Manager to quit. Waited a while and restarted.

Not sure if it relates to audio drivers, screen drivers etc. After restarting app, all was well for next 2 hours.

Any thing to look for!

Cheers, Richard

Hard to tell from here and now. You should have taken a few seconds to send or save a bug report.

Yes, that was definitely a “heat of the battle” moment, trying to see if it came back. I have W7 64bit at work and see this effect a lot. 99% of times it’s something else causing the bottleneck. (usually anti-virus).

If it happens again, I’ll grab the crash report.