GPIO profile for Axia mixer

Dear Community,

I recently bought an Axia mixer which supports Livewire+. I installed the Axia IP-Audio driver and have upgraded my license to M6-ADVPLUS, needed for the Axia mixer.

The audio is working fine (4x4). The Mairlist Programm reports also that there is a GPIO connection but I can’t get it working properly.
I read in the manual of the IP-audio Driver that I need a "GPIO profile” to configure the GPIO module.

Is that somewhere available?

Thanks, Rob

I never had to configure this „GPIO profile“ thing. As far as I know, it‘s only required when the driver is supposed to actively pass on GPIO changes to another software that is not capable of handling the Axia protocol on its own (which mAirList is!).

To confirm that the protocol works, grab a Telnet client (e.g. Putty), connect to localhost port 93, and issue the following commands (all followed by Return):


The reply to the VER command should give you the number of available GPOs („NGPO:x“) which should coincide with the number of input channels (4).

ADD GPO subscribes to all GPOs. Keep the connection open, and you should see GPO commands coming in as you open and close the channels (which must be correctly patched to the driver channels, of course).

Can you confirm this is working?

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