Global waveform

I’m using V6.2 and I adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to the layout. By that I mean: Global progress bar only (none in playlist itself, or players); Waveform only in the cartwall (none in the players). My thoughts are that it cuts down on processor loading.
I would like to propose a global waveform display similar to the global progress bar in the GUI. If one was implemented then I personally would stop using the global progress bar.
What do other users think?

[I am happy to go with the majority decision, or if the wizards of programming say it is not feasible]


Why do I employ waveformes at all? To have a glimpse at it getting an impression of how the items will behave: Fade out, starting quietly, absolute level … So I maintain one waveform each for every player – a global waveform would tell me only half of the story (i. e. for the current audio and not for the – important – proximate one). I do not opt against a global waveform, but I don’t need it either.

Strictly personal regards