Getting Myriad to remote control Mairlist


I have a set up where Myriad is my playout system and Mairlist 5 is my splits player. We run a tiny station network and Mairlist is used to put drops and ids over one of the feeds. At moment we are doing this manually, but I want to set this up so that Myriad sends a command over the network to Mairlist to fire off carts from the cart wall.

Does anyone have any experience in doing this, even if its just help with the Mairlist side of things, that would be great as I don’t really know where to start.


Don’t ask me how to do it but I think the answer may lie in the use of REST commands


Most be a way and would like to know for reference.

However in the past I have used a different play-out software that would start/stop automation on hearing a specified tone. The built in events system used to pre-load the relevant id’s ads etc into the playlist.

Should all else fail please feel free to PM for more detail.

Thanks! I’m going to PM you Tony as I’m a bit a lost. Thank you.

Replied in pm, someone here on the forum must know a simpler method using Myriad and mAirList but you are welcome to the cheat we used. If not contact support at P2.