Generating playlists in mAirListDB when playlists already exist


When generating playlists in mAirListDB, is it possible to see hours which have been modified and prompt whether to replace those hours?

For example, the playlists are generated and a presenter makes changes to some hours - say 10:00 to 12:00. Then a new promo or commercial needs to be added - so the item is added to the database and the playlists are generated again for the same days.

Are the changes to the 10:00 to 12:00 hours retained, or is there a way of retaining them or excluding them from being replaced?

With hourly text files that mAirList can open as playlists it is possible to see the ‘last modified’ date in Windows Explorer and take a copy - then put them back in the folder and update them manually with the new promo or commercial after the playlists have been generated again.

Many thanks,

No, if you generate a new playlist, the entire old playlist will be overwritten. If you wish to add some new elements to an existing playlist, then add the elements manually.

Cheers, Alec M

Hi Alec,

Thanks for confirming this.

I think we could put a dummy item at the top of generated playlists, and have presenters delete the dummy item if they have modified that hour, or visa versa. My main concern is where a presenter has recorded voice-tracks for a music show a week or two in advance.

It might be useful as a feature request to have some sort of notification that an hour already exists or has been modified. Or perhaps a checkbox in the Mini Scheduler to ‘Skip modified hours’ and at the end of the process show which hours were not modified, so that this list can be manually reviewed and items changed if necessary.

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