FTP Connection with mairlist


Is there a way using HTTP GET or POST using a FTP url. I have a txt file i want to update for artist and title.
I check the forum but i only find info in Germen and my Germen sucks :smiley:


I’d not recommecnd writing direct to an ftp Server, the exepected delay on Uploads (even on small text files) can cause some Problems on mAirList.

Never the less, if you want to try:
On Windows Vista or later, you can Mount and ftp like any Network share.

It should also be possible to create a shortcut in the Startup-Folder utilizing “net use”

This Network share than can be used like a local drive.

You cannot “post” to an FTP server. You can only upload files with FTP. But mAirList does not support this.

Consider using HTTP according to this howto:


(Instead of using MySQL, the PHP script could also just update the text file.)