Ftdi usb dongle

Hi I am trying to order a usb ftdi dongle.
On the rs-online site (from the mairlist wiki) I can’t order because I don’t have a business, does anyone know where to order a fdti dongle for private persons?



That’s the rs-online site and is not available for private, only if you have a business you can oder there.

Sorry, my fault.
The website of the international shop seems to be offline.

Please try this one:


Is there a normal store in Germany of Holland where I can order a Ftdi USB key. When I check the given link, I have to pay $40 shipping cost.

Hope to hear from somebody.



The german shop only sells to customers in Germany (we have asked them).
Do you have a friend in Germany who can send it to your adress?


Thanks for the answer. But no I have no friends in Germany.

Does anyone :joy:
Your best option is order by rw online (Haarlem) but yiu need to have a business.
Perhaps a friend whith a business or else go to the lokal electronic store and ask to order by rw online.

I think that is the last option. So I will ask some friends if I can use their business number.

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For a moment I thought, I might help you. But now I don’t.


Thank you for the help. I’ve managed to get one in the meantime. I have sent support an E-mail and now waiting for their reply. (will be after the weekend but that doesn’t matter :slight_smile: )

many thanks…