Forum Forum?

I have noticed that following the recent slight the reorganisation of the Forum, the name of the Index page has the word Forum repeated (as in Baden Baden!).

mAirList Support Forum Forum Index
I presume this was a typo, and the Index name was intended to read as it did before:
mAirList Support Forum Index

While I’m here ;), the banner text at the top of Forum pages currently reads:

Support forum for the mAirList radio automation software
It is slightly more 'natural' English if you remove [i]the[/i] from the description:
Support forum for mAirList radio automation software

Regarding the double “Forum”: The title of this forum is, as seen at the top of each page, “mAirList Support Forum”. phpBB then adds “Forum Index” as the text link back to the main page. So you should read this link as “mAirList Support Form - Forum Index”. (With the language switched to German, it says “mAirList Support Forum Foren-Übersicht” - quite obvious then.)

Regarding the “the” - I would disagree, but you’re the native speaker. I’ll consider it :wink:


Good reply, Torben. ‘Forum Forum’ just looks odd! And I’m sure there used to be a hyphen and spaces before ‘Forum Index,’ or am I imagining that? >shrug< No big deal, I suppose.

One other thing: can you add a link to the main mAirList site to the buttons below the Forum banner? I usually start in the Forum, then go to the main site to go to the Wiki (I know I should add them separately to my Favourites, but…!).

I’ve seen this on other phpBB-based boards. which is why I was asking. Also, if someone has done a Google search and come straight to a forum page, they then have a handy link back to the main site!

I hope you will consider this. Thanks in advance.


I suppose those people have installed a “mod” into their phpBB board, which means - in phpBB terminology - they have manually modified the source code in order to make that button appear. Which, further on, means that you will never be able again to update your installation when the phpBB releases an update or bugfix, because you would have to make all those modifications again, and you’re certainly too lazy then :wink:

This is one thing I hate about phpBB2 - the lack of a regular “plugin” system. I was shocked when I first looked for some fancy “mod” and figured that a “mod” is nothing more than a text file with directives which lines to locate in your text editor, what text to insert or replace etc.

How about this text link I have added now in the header?


Torben, the text link is fine. Thanks for that!