Format playlist

When I make a playlist it goes by a format.
Evry weak I have the paper whit next is a… Song then a… Song ect.
My future wish would be just like a standard playlist where you one’s set up the format. Example in the playlist says (a 80 song) you look in the 80’s map pull the song to the place that says (a 80’s song) and thats gone en the song you chose will be instead. I hoop I make my self clear.

Something like that?

… and when the Dummy is replaced by a real track, the Dummy disappears?

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Why not right-clicking the dummy to yield a dropdwn menu with the proposed items?

  1. Torben would have to program a special context menu for each element type. :slightly_frowning_face:

  2. mAirList doesn’t know in which folder(s) to look for this item and we’re not currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Well, in v8.0 then …

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You have even more as I wanted :grin:
Question if I plan the modulation and I am at that point what happens then? The next record start when I hit start or does it wait for something?

For me it’s one time everything is hand picked, the only thing that’s relevant to me is now I need a 80 song and next a90 ect.

Yesterday when I got home.
Did a test but you have to remove al the dummy’s its not when you place a record (or whatever) that the music comes instead of the dummy.
Did i do something wrong or is it like this?

Well, my “solution” (it isn’t one, you have marked it as one) was a question if you would like to sse something like that with a replacing function.
I don’t know if this is possible, it was a question for the better understanding of the request.

When I have a solution, I should write “Please try this” etc.
I have deleted the “solution” marker. :white_check_mark:

No, it’s like this. You can set an hour template the same way, but you will always have to delete the dummy manually. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry my mistake I read it a solution not as a question.
But yes it’s exactly what I suggest.
And for now it’s still better as the paper next to me whit the format.

For my defense English is not my native language.
I saw yesterday a German discussion about stream, you all speak German but it took more than 10 posts before you understand each other :grin:

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Do you want have to something like this?

No this is for automation but a layout like this would work.
My idea was to have the format on a pre made playlist (one with the station format). And when you make your playlist you start with the format playlist and fill in the records. I tough the answer from Ulli did that but it was a question. But it’s better to remove the dummy as nothing at all.

I know what you want to do. Manually setting up a playlist meeting the given hourly clock of the station like it’s shown here.

In order to see how your playlist has to look like, you need the dummies to see where the manually picked songs should be placed.
So the request is that the dummy automatically disappears when the item comes in.

Let’s see what Torben tells us on this when this request is the next in line.

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