For Sale: Tipro Programmable Keyboard

I’m selling one of my Tipro programmable keyboards on eBay.

It’s been used with mAirList and has a few different key sizes.

The PS/2 cable is also included - would suit anyone who wants to set up a programmable keyboard for their mAirList installation.


url could not be found. do you still sell them ?


Hi. I’m afraid I don’t have any spare now.

If you search on eBay for Tipro or Digipos you should see some new and used models. The used models normally have various key and key cap sizes, but check it comes with a cable. A normal PS/2 cable won’t fit straight away, but I’ve heard they can be modified.

If buying new just think about your key and layout requirements first. It recently took a long time to find somewhere willing to sell a few new keys for our main keyboard.

Hi, been a while. Good to see some new members and the regulars. No longer in radio but I do drop in to see what’s happening.

I’ll have some used units for sale (after November 10th). First come first served sold as seen.

Kind Regards Tony

Tony, what kind of units? Pictures?

Tipro/digipos programmeable keyboards 16 x 8 matrix sorry no pictures yet but similar to these (except in white):

Used as epos units in shops/nightclub

Some have a small number double keys included and most already snapped up.

editNow all gone.

Kind Regards tony

Hi, here is a supplier that I use:

Labelled Digipos but are the Tipro 128 keyboards so the free software from the Tipro site will program a unit and print labels.

Usually paying under £10 plus postage for the white units. Black units between £10 and £20 (depends who else is watching). Generally arrive within a week, allow a couple of hours to remove the keys and clean all the dust etc. - they are very dirty at this price.

You need a special tool to remove the keys (around £10 if you can find 1) but I daresay something could bodge it.

Spare key sizes can also be found on ebay, around £20 a pack.

A good buy really as buying a keyboard new with suitable keys and covers will be around £400.

Hth :slight_smile: