Finish End of the Hour on the Hour

Hi Team,
Is there a setting that slows or speeds up the audio across the hour so the last elements in the playlist either are skipped or finish without ending part the way through the last song within a tolerance setting of the top/end of the hour?
other playout systems will speed the playlist song by a speed % setting. I’ve found in other playout systems a setting of ± 2.5%, where the songs will speed up or slow down by this percentage setting, will help the playlist finish within 30sec of the hour without any “Crashing” or “cutoffs”.

I was also wondering what function the “Pitch and tempo adjustment using BASS_FX.DLL” Option in the mAirList Control Panel>Audio Setting>General “Setting” Tab was for?
How does it function?
What is its purpose?
Can it be set to help with this problem?

Thanks :thinking:

Same here:

Thanks for your quick response. We are running stations with empty studios and announcers remotely Voice Tracking there spots. There is no “Live” element at the moment. Is there an effective way of getting the top of the hour to start on the hour. We are finding that it is floating up to 5 minutes.
I have been using soft timer and selected a float time of 10sec but this was fading the songs out.