Finish bottom of the hour on the hour. OR Start top of the hour on the hour early

Hi Team,
I’m a newbie to everything mAirlist so this question may have already been answered over and over again.
I have an anomaly where the time might be 05:59.01, leaving less than 60 sec to the top of the hour, and a 3 or more min song will start, which will push the top of the hour and news 3 - 5 mins past when they should optimally fire.

At the end of the hour, I have a sweeper with the Timing set to “Backtimed” (Blue arrow), followed by an End of hour marker with the Timing set to “Soft fixed time” (Orange arrow). The top of each hour starts with a Start of hour marker with the Timing set to “Soft fixed time” (Orange arrow). The station is always in Auto. And I don’t want the songs to fade halfway through the song.

In the pic below is an example of less than 60 seconds to the hour with a 3:36 min song that I would like skipped.
mAirlist SS

Where do I change the setting for the next hour to fire early?

Is anyone able to give some help with this?


Are there any Suggestions!!

This looks like two issues in one question. First, to start an item punctually, hard fixtimes should be preferred. The problem of preventing a title being faded early has been discussed throughout the forum for many years now and is not as easy to fix as it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice.

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Thanks for your response Tondose,
Other playout systems use overlap/crossfade times to shrink or expand an hour to achieve as close to the hour finish as possible. They also have a max over/under run for the hour, so one hour might finish 1 min late and the next 1min:15 sec early.
I suppose a system that allows a 3-4 min song to play when there is less than a minute left in the hour isn’t as “Automated” as I would hope. I’m not hoping for punctuality, just as close as possible.

Is there an option to not play a song that is x seconds to the soft timed, hard timed or back timed. Maybe it is has something to do with the the overrun settings.