Finding Custom Keyboards

Here’s some tips if you’re after a mini or custom keyboard for mAirList… Keep an eye on eBay for old “point of sale” keyboards. Use the following words in your searches, you may turn-up some bargains…

EPOS Keyboard
POS Keyboard
Programmable Keyboard

The Tipro range are the ones to look out for - Fully programmable and work alongside your normal QWERTY either by a PS/2 splitter or their own USB device. They are pricey, with the smallest of the bunch - The 64-key MID-AM-KM064A starting at £80, second-hand is the way to go. Keycaps are replacable, and you can print your own labels with the free designer/programmer software available on the Tipro site.

Another brand to look for are X-Keys - These are geared towards the gamer/simulator marker, but the smaller models would work well as playout keyboards. Different shaped keycaps are available, and the prices are reasonable.

There are quite a few going on eBay at the moment… Even the Tipro ones are going for silly-money.

I’ve got 2 Tipro MID-AM-KM096A-RA-004 keyboards available for £20each inc postage. They have mostly single key-caps and a couple of doubles - they are working but will need to be programmed (and keys arranged) to suit your layout/design etc. Software is available from Tipro’s website, and key-caps are easy to get hold of. 1 has a full set of QWERTY/number keys - enabling it to be assigned as a main keyboard. All other keys have clear covers for inserting your own labels and all the keys detach and can be re-arranged however you please. The card-reader can be removed, by the way! As these mostly have single keys - they’d be ideal for replicating your CartWall layout - and if you already have a Tipro keyboard, you can daisy-chain it giving you added flexibility.

Sadly, I have NO CABLES for these keyboards.

Keyboard 1

Keyboard 2

Please send me a PM if you’re interested.