File Tagger Interface

Hi Guys,

Would it be possible to have an option to use the ‘classic’ file tagging interface rather than the new multi-coloured one? I find the classic one quicker to use when I’m under pressure, I’m also concerned that it may throw some of our less computer literate users.


The old style has been abandoned completely (too less space for too many cue types). But there is a “simple cue list” option the GUI options. You then get a simple black’n’white list instead of that colored thing.

Torben’s right (I requested this option a couple of versions ago). I am very pleased with this ‘simple text’ GUI, and the other changes to the Tagger GUI are fairly easy to get used to for us ‘old hands.’


Tried the simple option, works a treat!


(Only just got round to trying it, Christmas = Busy Me!)