File Tagger does not support v2.x Alternative Cue Points

I have just managed to find time to try V3.0 and the File Tagger no longer seems to support Alternative (extra) cue points. It is disappointing and annoying to find that this very important (to me, anyway!) feature seems to have been removed.

If the file tagger/PFL player opens a V2.x MMD with Alternative cue points in it, the cue points shown on screen are wrong.

If a V2.x MMD with Alternative cue points in it is imported into mAirListDB, the duration is shown as ZERO and again, the cue points get screwed up.

This means that about one-third of my existing V2.x MMD files are now useless without quite a lot of work. It also means that for a track like the full 11:25 version of My Ding-A-Ling by Chuck Berry, I now have only ONE option of where it ‘starts’ and ‘ends.’

PLEASE tell me that Alternative cue points WILL be added to V3.x some time soon? Or if not, WHY not? And at the very least, can V3.x at least notice that alternative cue points exist, and show some sort of message when it finds a V2.x MMD file containing Alternatives?


Sorry to have to reply to my own post, but I need an answer to this issue.

Yes, I know I could simply backup my V2.x MMD files which have alternative cue points, then remove the ‘alternatives,’ then re-import into mAirListDB in v3.x … but I would much prefer:

a) the ability to specify and add alternative cue points in v 3.x, and
b) (even more important!) v3.x to import v2.x MMDs correctly, even if the MMDs contain alternative cue points.

Regarding b), I would be partly satisfied if the v3.x ‘import MMD’ processing could at least NOT set the track duration to zero! I suspect that the import does this because there is an Alternative CueIn point of zero on the affected tracks. However, my v2.x MMD files do contain a Duration value, so I would hope (?) that the import process in V3.x would always recognise and use that value as Duration in v3.x, regardless of any other values which are present in a v2.x MMD file!

Even if v3.x import simply ignores Alternative cue points in v2.x MMD files, that would be a big improvement!

I can supply copies of the v2.x MMD files which ‘go wrong’ in v3.x, if that would help to resolve the import problems?


Cad, seriously, have you noticed that the alternative cue point feature has returned meanwhile? You should read my answers to your posts (and perhaps not open two different threads for the same issue).,3993.0.html

Oops! Sincere apologies for the duplicate thread. :-[

Yes, I did read your reply. Unfortunately I don’t see any way in the File Tagger to specify an alternative Cue Point. There is ‘sort of’ a way to do it in mAirListDB but again, not in the ‘tagger’ tab of the item Properties.

And the ‘import’ (in both mAirListDB and in File Tagger) still does not correctly import v2.x files, and still gives a Duration of zero to the affected files. It also gets all the Cue Points wrong (or mixed up) when this happens.

I will test the latest 620 Snapshot shortly and will report back in this thread, but if it’s still ‘broken,’ would you like me to post an example?


I look at it again and, in fact, there were two issues:

  1. All v2.2 cue points were imported as 0:00:00 because of a conversion error.

  2. The alternative cue point editing needs to be enabled separately for each players (as it did in v2.2), however, the options were missing in the config.

Both issues have been sorted out in the latest Build 621 I just uploaded.

Let’s call it a draw, then? :smiley:

I’ll grab b621 b622, test everything here, then report back.

[later … ]

I’m deligfhted to repot that everything is now working perfectly!

Thanks again, Torben!