File recording

According to the list of editions, The Advanced plus cannot record to file. Is that correct? The Aircast standard function could do this and I use it all the time to record my shows, which then get played later on the radio station.

Before I switch to the Mairlist version, I need to be sure I can still record my shows.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Fred,

the integrated file recorder is only available in mAirList Professional Studio, yes.

I have tested my Aircast v6.0.11 Standard: I can’t find the file recorder, too (as expected).
I’m afraid we have to check this on January 4th, 2021, when we are back in the office, through support by mail.

Your possibilities with mAirList Advanced (incl. Plus): Encoder “Record to file” for the whole show or the Aircheck Recorder.

Hi @Uli,

I record through Record to file in the encoder settings>

Hope this helps


This option is available in all mAirList editions and is not shown in the comparison list.

The file recorder is another feature, only available in mAirList Professional Studio.

Ok Thanks Uli. I thought today was a good opportunity to install the Mairlist version to replace aircast. Sorry to disturb your free day!

Happy New Year!


It was my decision to be online today in our support & community forum. :sunglasses:

Same to you, all the best for you, your family and all the guys working with you at your station.
Stay safe and healthy!

Hai Fred

I use the home version, like you said there is an option record to file.
It’s enabled and the file is automatically written to the nas.
You can set the bitrate so for recording your show its great.

Hi @henk Thanks.

@UliNobbe I have installed Mairlist (6.3.8) now and all is fine, except for the recorder. I checked all the configuration settings (went through the Aircast settings and the Mairlist settings next to each other) and all is the same, but I cannot get the recorder to display anymore. Here is a screenshot from the Aircast>

And here is the Mairlist screenshot:

Any idea why the recorder does not dispolay anymore?



Sorry here a better screenshot of nthe Mairlist>

Found it! It is under the Tools button.
Sorry to have bothered you!


By the way, what is the exact difference between Record to File and File Recorder? What is the surplus of one over the other?

The file recorder has buttons pauze or stop. The record to file recorder records when the encoder is active.
It’s not possible to pauze… ect
Just my thoughts

And for the file recorder you can add a start/stop command to your playlist. Really nice, but not in the home version, only in the pro version. ( i think)
I found a “Workaround” for that. I record the stream with Streamwriter program. Handy! So I could rebroadcast my shows.

Thank you, @henk and @PIDI.

If I record my show I use the record to file in the encoder.
There is nothing in the encoder because I only record so no stream in the encoder just record to file.