File Import options, plus 'how sets work in Delphi'

There are two scripts attached here. The first one demonstrates how you can work with the global File Imports options, and the second one is a deeper tutorial explaining how to code things when you’re using set Types and enumeration Types (both of these are involved with File Options).

It isn’t yet possible to amend these options while mAirList is running, but what you can do right now is quickly change mairlist.ini, then stop/restart mAirList to pick up your changed settings. So you could put two or more ‘sets of settings’ scripts on your Action menu to quickly change options if you’re working in a ‘test’ version of mAirList.

Hopefully all of this will make more sense when you examine the scripts!

[ul][li] displays all ten File Import option settings in the system log.[/li]
[li] is a much longer tutorial script on the principles of using set and enumeration Types in the mAirList scripting language, and demonstrates more fun things you can do with File Import settings (!).[/li][/ul]

PS: I’m happy for someone else to put these, or any, of my recent scripts into the wiki: I just don’t have the time at the moment!

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