File extension

Again me ! :wink:

I have sounds that i whant share between the mAirList database and an other audio playout system, but my audio files have a ‘.SON’ extension which is not visible in mAirListDB … :-\

Thanks for your ideas !

Go to mAirListConfig -> GUI -> Browser and enter “son” (without the leading period) in the “Additional File Extensions” field. Your files will then appear in the file browser, and will also be found by the mAirListDB synchronization.

What file format is that anyway? MP2? BASS (the audio engine mAirList uses) will be able to play them, but don’t expect mAirList to recognize any file tags or so.

Sorry for this :-X question !

Yes it’s MP2 files, finaly i have imported tags through ‘.mmd’ files.

thanks for you help, I love this soft !