File Aircheck

Hello Torben

How do i have to congfigure the file aircheck option. Want to record all the live shows . I have a G drive where we save all the airchecks.


Pretty straightforward. Add an Aircheck connection, and set up the format and destination folder.

Ok in status i am seeing an error message streaming server is connected …

Wav option in 4.2 is working. Only i am not to be able to save the file in to mp3 . Recieving an error.

Would you mind reporting the exact error message?

Hmm strange downloaded 1601 . It is resolved. Was not be able to record in a mp3 file . Now we can.

Where can I find the aircheck option? And: Is it recording the full show, or just the Red-Mic (on an “GPIO” trigger)?

Go to Control Panel Encoder Connections Add for Aircheck

Save config