few questions

Hello Me again,
I have a few questions about the mAirList 4.x Home Studio Version before I spend £88.56 on it I’m using the demo I used to use the old 2.x back in the day. any answers I get I will try out

Q1) Are the Skin & Layout files still in .ini file (I was looking for the files but don’t seem to be in the demo)

Q2) Is there a way of putting Skype calls to air and talk to them off air like in SAM you put the encoder to DSP (as it only takes audio from SAM) so you can talk off air and back to line in on the encoder to talk on air

Q3) can you add a url audio link into the cartwall

Q4) is there a script that can tweet now playing songs like www.sam-song.info for SAM Broadcaster

I think that is all for now I may be back with more.

  1. Yes. As in previous versions, these files do NOT exist until you create them (for skin.ini, manually; for layout.ini, by using Layout Designer).

  2. Don’t know, maybe Torben can answer that one.

  3. Yes. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but I just tried it and it works.

  4. Not that I know of; I guess a script could be written to do that if that sort of thing matters to you. However, I feel bound to point out that SAM-song.info is an unofficial, unsupported add-in for SAM.


  1. I’m afraid you would need some sort of “virtual soundcard” for that to loop the audio back into mAirList.