FakeNow - Detecting a Change

We frequently change mAirlist’s internal time by double clicking the clock on the right of the status bar. It’s very useful for script development and testing template ideas.

However, some things we’ve set up need to know if that time shift has been made.

Is there a way to detect that change in the offset between Now() [Windows time] and FakeNow() [mAirList time]? We are already doing quite a bit by polling in OnTimer, so it can be done there via Instance.GetTimeCorrection. I thought that maybe OnRuntimeDataChange may be the one, but it only seems to respond from IInstanceData.SetRuntimeData.

Is there a more elegant way to do it?



Hi Greg,

as there is no possibility to react on some click within the GUI, polling via OnTimer seems to be the only way to get notice of a time correction. OnRuntimeDataChange is a means to exchange data between different scripts and has nothing to do with the timing itself.

Inelegant regards