Fail on import voice track

Hi Torben,

Since the beginning of the week, we have a non-recurrent problem when we want to import voice track.
Here is the problem :

  • we record the voice track
  • we edit the mix
  • then we save it and want to import it
    but sometimes, import window disappears and the voice track is not import in the database (we see it in the playlist, but it has no internal ID).
    So after that, we have to find it on our computer and reimport in the database.

Do you have any idea from where the problem could come ?


Edit the database connection properties in the config app - there is an option/checkbox about importing voice tracks into the DB library.

I think this option is already checked.
Something is weird since last week. Database is a little bit slow… I’ve made some vaccum/defrag… But, several times, the message “database is locked” is appearing


Database file on local disk or network share?

Network share… Yes I know… :frowning:
But it was working pretty good last months

Hi Torben,
I think i’ve solved my problems…
My database was very slow and the message “database is locked” came back a few times last week…
So i’ve cleaned the database… install mairlist update…
It was better but not enough… so I’ve rebooted my NAS server. And everything works like a charm…

So sorry with all theses messages, the probleme came by our side… not really from mairlist itself.