Extra options in Mass Edit

I would like to have extra options programmed in the mass edit in the database. I like the mass edit very much but somethings are missing. Like:

  • Don’t schedule before
  • Don’t schedule after
  • Hour Restrictions

Thank you in advance to take it into consideration

Hi Peter,

are there so many elements in your database that need to be mass-tagged for those purposes?

Hello UliNobbe,
Yes. Sometimes i would like to disable songs or don’t want to hear them for some months.
Als very handy for “summer months” songs/jingles. Would be great if you could set it in an virtual folder or in the songs itself. Like only use these songs in the months June-August. Something like this:


Hmmm… :thinking:

Last time I discussed this with Torben (in the german section of this forums) he was very reserved about this idea.
I had a similar intention due to fixed days like special public holidays that may influence the music or other events liks summer solstice etc.

He proposes to copy (duplicate, not moving) those songs in virtual folders and to refer on them in a summer music template - or similar.

The “don’t schedule before / after” option is thought for campaigns / promos etc. that run a few weeks a year, not repetitive. From his point of view, this is not suitable for music planning or scheduling.

We will review it internally, but from past experience, I’m rather skeptical.
In any case, I have added it to the list of proposals to be discussed.

Thank you for your reply.
I also use it if i don’t want to hear some songs any more for a view months. Then I just put in a new Don’t schedule befor and i don’t hear/schedule the song for a view months. Useful!