External stream not working under windows 2008 server

Hello Torben

I have problems setting up a external stream under windows 2008 server . Under windows xp sp3 it is working so that is realy strange.
Got the latest 4.0 version on the server and my home studio pc

Can you check it at your end ?



Do normal MP3 files play fine?

Yes they do so that’s strange to me why it is not playing


The error message would be good to know. BASS error code, you know.

Yes I did saw indeed a bass error…

The particular error code would be good to know.

Skipping stream Bass error 40

  BASS_ERROR_TIMEOUT      = 40;   // connection timedout

Most likely a firewall or network issue.

Thanks will check it out. We recieved an email this morning that leaseweb will change some servers this week including mine. So i hope the issue is resolved than.