Extended Button Problems

Hi Torben
I’ve been experimenting with the extended buttons in the Custom Screen Objects, and there are a couple of issues with the captions.
In 4.0.3, build 1255 the ActiveHoverCaption is showing as the InactiveHoverCaption [background colours look OK]

In 4.1a, build 1421 HoverCaption, ActiveHoverCaption and InactiveHoverCaption are not displayed, but are in the ini file.



For v4.0, this should be fixed in b1256. Can you give it a try please?

I will investigate v4.1 later. The code shouldn’t have changed a lot (if at all), so I wonder why it behaves totally different.

I have just uploaded v4.1.0.1422. The code is now absolutely the same the latest snapshots of both v4.0 and v4.1. Let me know if you still see any differences.

V4.0 it is now working correctly. Thanks.

V4.1 the HoverCaption is not displaying, but the background colour is.
The other captions are now OK.

Can you post the relevant section from the screenobjects.ini file for reference please?

Both ini files

v4_1 screenobjects.ini (2.31 KB)

v4_0 screenobjects.ini (1.97 KB)

V4.1 the HoverCaption is not displaying, but the background colour is.
The other captions are now OK.

This is still a problem in b1434

Hm, works fine here.

Not recording, move mouse into button: Button turns blue, displaying “Press to record”.

Recording, move mouse into button: Button turns red, displaying “Press to stop”

I’ve found the problem.
It was due to the size of the button I had created in the layout designer.
The text “Press to record” was too long to fit into the button size, hence it showed just the change in background colour on hover.
By stretching the button the text now fits in and it behaves as expected.
I must have changed the button sizing at some point when moving from 4.0 to 4.1.
A Homer Simpson moment!
Time for a beer.

Hi Torben

Since your last Build (4.0 b1264 and 4.1 b1437) all font settings (Name, Size, Style, Color) of an extended button are not loaded correctly from the screenobject.ini file.

The button is showing a “default” font value - In my case: Tahoma, 14, Standard

You can reproduce this behaviour directly into the main programm but also in config Mode – GUI - Screenobjects

The setting for an extended button across the GUI Menu is saved correctly into the screenobject File but the next load didn’t collect the right values anymore. :-\

Ok, I see… related to this issue here: http://forum.mairlist.com/index.php/topic,5767.msg41012.html#msg41012

To repair your config, open screenobjects.ini and replace all appearances of “FontFont” by “Font”.

I will upload a new build (for both v4.0 and v4.1) that doesn’t write the double “Font” to the config in a minute.

Updates are now online (1265/1438).

perfect - After repairing the config, the Buttons are presented as desired.
Thanks for your quick help!