Exporting metadata in xml file


Previously, we exported our metadata for our internet stream in a simple text file. It worked fine.
But we recently changed our sound processing system (Sound4 Pulse) which now requires xml format instead of a .txt file. We only use ARTIST and TITLE (in format ARTIST - TITLE), noting else.
How can I generate this xml file ?

The most obvious way might be choosing Logging – Add…XML file in the configuration menu.


Thank you for the tip :wink:
And I just put “%a - %b” in the XML model part ? Or is it more complicated than that ?
(sorry, I can’t test it because it needs relaunching mAirList, and I can’t do that right now)

Yes, if it is nothing more than Artist - Title this will do the trick.

I tried your solution and it doesn’t work :frowning:
I tried several syntax, such as %a - %b, ARTIST - TITLE, artist-title, and even in French artiste - titre but I always get the same error message which is partly in French and partly in English.
This error message can be translated as “error loading (XML log file (C:\Users\Philippe\Desktop\data.xml)) : Error parsing XML template: Not valid in the upper section of the document. Line: 1 %a - %b”.

The original message is : Erreur de chargement (Fichier de log XML (C:\Users\Philippe\Desktop\data.xml)) : Error parsing XML template: Non valide au niveau supérieur du document. Line: 1 %a - %b

Any ideas ?

How about logging something like ABCDEF, just to see if there’s an issue with the variables?

Still the same. The error message is the same, except that it has ABCDE after Line 1.

Okay, then there is a problem with the xml-logging itself. Anyone, please?

You must provide a valid XML file as a template, with variables in it that mAirList will replace for you.



Thanks, Torben. It works fine !
Just one further question : if I want to display something like ‘artist - title’ (with an hyphen between both words), how can I do ?

I have now to test with the Sound4 system, as I don’t even know what this sound processing system is expecting in terms of file !
But at least, it works on mAirList side !

Thanks to all.

You can put whatever you want in the XML file. mAirList will walk through all text nodes and replace the variables in it.

  <NowPlaying>%a - %b</NowPlaying>

Well, that should be the first thing to find out actually…