Export to database problem

Is there a way to refresh the playlist? I ask this because when I PFL a file in the playlist and edit some settings (like adding a year and setting cue points) and then do a “Export to Database”, the changes are not visible in the playlist. Also when I PFL that same file again it looks like nothing has happened. Also when I open that same file (rightclick → PFL) in the database browser I don’t see the changes. But when I do a Refresh (with the refresh button on top of the browser) the changes are visible. That’s why I am looking for a refresh option in the playlist.

Even when I save the playlist after these changes and reopen it, the change are not visible.

If I move a track in the player and click PFL and edit the cuepoints and click database, it is directly visible, also in the playlist.

Editing files with the (seperate) database app work without a problem.

Maybe it’s just a wrong setting on my side.

Hi Rene,

I couldn’t reproduce the error/behaviour. Every change in my playlist is reflected right after closing the PFL or Preference windows of the playout and in the browser

  • What kind of database do you use (localDB, sql, mmd files?)
  • how is your playout cocnected to the database?
  • did you upgrade to the last recent version of mAirList (7.3.3)?

Hi Stefan,

I was at version 7.3.0, I just upgraded to 7.3.3 and now this problem is solved. I could have figured this out myself :person_facepalming:

But thanks anyway

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No problem, you’re welcome :blush:

Thx for the feedback!