Export listeners start & stop

In the database on the details of a song/jingle/news etc. You have a ‘Playback History’ on the history tab and you can see the listeners (Start) & Listeners (Stop). Below you have an Export button to export the ‘Playback History’. I also would like to export the Listeners (start) & Listeners (stop). Is this possible?

This is the list when you export:

Period: 01-11-2022 to 30-11-2022

Day Start Time On Air Duration Studio

01-11-2022 (Tuesday) 06:30:17 0:51 STUDIO
01-11-2022 (Tuesday) 07:29:43 0:40 STUDIO
01-11-2022 (Tuesday) 08:28:39 2:01 STUDIO
01-11-2022 (Tuesday) 09:36:56 1:45 STUDIO