Export automatic playlist

Hello, i would like to know how can we have an automatic export for playlist, we can have automatic generate , do you have a way to do that?a script?
thanks for answers

Hi Berthy,

when should this happen? When the playlist is generated or when it’s saved?
At the moment it’s not possible but we should discuss it internally.

ok thanks for answer, so we have to do it once a week

I see.
If we implement such a feature, it would be in v6.3 (or later); in v5.x there will be no further update.

there is not a script, who can export the week sunday nigth at 11:00pm?
i know we can generate as we want, one month if we want, but if there is nobody at the station it will be the same playlist

Why do you want to export the playlist (as files?) anyway?

we have to export playlist files mlp
monday 13h, monday 14h etc… No?

for the week i have playlists to export

But why? What do you use these files for?

I don t know, each hour i have an event and play the file with the day and the hour? and this for the week, that s not the way to do it?