This evening, Mairlist 7 suddenly stopped playing. Unfortunately I noticed it 2 hours later.
Mairlist hangs & there was a “Not responding” message …

I checked the Mairlist logfiles → See screenshot

ps : Yesterday I updated mairlist (with the check for update function).

Is there another way to send this kind of errors (bugs ?) to Torben himself ? Or is this Forum the best way ?

When this happens in the actual version (after the update), please create a bug report and click on “Send bug report”.

How can I send a bug report when there is no error message. Mairlist just “hangs”.
The only way to solve the problem at that time is, force close mairlist (via Task Manager) & start Mairlist again.

  1. Enable Debug Mode in the configuration (Misc → Options).
  2. Wait until it happens again - you will see “bug report saved as \bugreport.txt” in the System Log.
  3. Send that file manually to support@mairlist.com, or restart mAirList and use the Send Bug Report function in the About menu to send it.

Oh, I just saw that we did receive a bug report from you this morning.

It appears to be related to a faulty SVG file. Have you swapped any of the default icons?

This was another error this morning where mairlist was not hanging :slight_smile:
This morning I went to my Mairlist pc and I saw a little popup error message. There I had the possibility to send a bug report, but mairlist continuing playing. This was the error report you received this morning.

This said, I did not have changed the default icons, I never tried to change them, Never look at them either.