events in 2.1.45 build 507

Hi Torben, having trouble getting an event to run.

Its set to run at 45 minutes past each hour. We have the control bar enabled to remind us while testing.

Although scheduled for live assist nothing appeared as a reminder in the event window and nothing happened at the specified time. This was across 3 seperate hours.

ini and event attached.

Any ideas?

Kind regards Tony

append playlist.txt (478 Bytes)

mAirList.ini (12 KB)

Can you please post the event list (.mle file) - or, even better, its contents - here?

Hi Torben,

Here is the contents of the mle file:

append playlist 1-12 1-31 1 0-23 45 C:\scripts\

Kind Regards Tony

There’s no value for “seconds” given. You must not leave that field empty when using “each hour”. Enter a “0” instead.

Cheers Torben, I also posted this in the wrong place. I normally prefer to post in the general forum as nearly always its user error, just like this one.

Kind regards tony

Never mind.

Regarding the “missing 0” issue, perhaps it’s a good idea to display a warning when any of the fields is left blank. I’ll consider this for one of the future versions.

Good idea to display a warning dialog: I’ve been ‘caught out’ by ‘no seconds = no event’ myself!