Event starts at ...

The Event Scheduler/Editor is pretty comprehensive but you may want to consider an ‘Event starts at’ choice to complement the ‘Event expires at’ option already available.


I agree. That would be nice.

Cheers, Alec M

It may also be worth looking into “IF” events, so e.g. if in asist mode at xx:00:00 switch to auto and start playback (possibly, there are others)

“Event starts at” is actually a very good idea.

Regarding “IF events”, you can already choose whether to use a particular event in auto mode, assist mode, or both. Are there any other “trivial” conditions you would like to be available?

A more comprehensive if-then-else language would probably overlap with the existing scripting feature.

Another if event that could go into the configuration actions panel would be:

If playlist runs empty AND database connection is not made then … [ ideal option would be that load files from folder X in random order] (could be server based folder)
If playlist runs empty AND database & network connection is not made then … [Ideal option would be a specified local folder with music file in it]

This would allow a backup if the database server crashed or the network router failed.