Evaluating Beta 4.4 needing help

I have two questions and hope someone can sort out and help me to decide buy the software.
everything work fine, have a wonderful sound quality but, I still needing a PLAYING NOW script that works. I found many mentions and scripts on forum, tried everything and doesn’t work. Maybe someone can share a working script with me.
Second doubt: I need the time announcements automated. Saw a post from 2012 here but I couldn’t understand how to implement and wish, if someone use the time announcements automated, help me with a step-by-step to get it working.

Kindest regards


I use my time announcements automated. Maybe this topic helps:



Hi Adriaan, thanks for your reply. Was exactly about this post from Torben I was talking about. The problem is:
The example seems be a little vague cause the guy request seems to be to the FULL HOUR and not for the complete clock as 2:01, 2:02, 2:03 etc.
How do I MUST NAME the files?
02:00.mp3 / 15:00.mp3? Is this correct? mAirlist will understand any named files?
I’m impressed with the versatility and quality of mAirlist but sorry I’m not a PC Programmer minded.
I suppose I need a step-by-step guide to do this.
I’m newbie :smiley:
Thanks everybody