ESI Gigaport HD+ upgrade advice please

Hi and thanks for reading.

I have the old ESI Gigaport HD+ and am wanting to upgrade. I want something with the same minimum features ( IE playback only unit ), but with better sound quality. I have multichannel files on the pc and want to output them as lpcm from the pc, via usb, then to the ESI.

So far i have looked at the focus scarlet but there is not much of an improvement, there are a few good motus but too expensive.

Budget is £300 maximum.

Many thanks.

Anyone? Any clues or general direction to go.

Many thanks

My setup is a tascam 16x8 to use all the 4 stereo outputs you have to use asio.
I hear good reviews from the behringer umc 1820.

Read reviews make a list whith thinhs you want and so shorten the list.

I would like to add the information that OUT 1/2 can be regulated by a poti on the front side, which is not so good for a regular output to be used in mAirList.

What do you think, Henk?

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Yes totally agree, makes no sense.
Didn’t even know😂 don’t use it.
Another thing i hear a lot of audio settings messed up after win update, haven’t had one since I bought the tascam.

It depends on the brand, indeed. No issues on RME devices either. (As yet. Knock on wood.)